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As we welcome October, we are focusing on wireless access control. Ritron has packaged a kit we call GateGuard®, designed specifically for use in commercial and industrial applications like treatment plants, factories, warehousing, schools, and healthcare facilities.

The major benefits end users see include:

Cost - No trenching is needed, and no wires need to be run.
Dependable - Industrial grade, made in the USA.
Long-Range - Wireless 2-way communication across miles, not feet.
Control Access - Remote gate activation via built in relay switch that is wired to the gate control.

GateGuard® Kit: The bundled system of pre-programmed radios includes the XT Series Callbox Model 6 or 7 with built-in relay (optional entry keypad model available), JMX Series 2-Way Portable Radio, and JBS Series Desktop 2-Way Base Station Radio.

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